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Company resources

The company has:

  • Effective and rigorous Quality management system.
  • Advanced production equipments.
  • 7000m2 of class 100,000 clean room in compliance with Good manufacture practice for sterile medical devices.
  • Various monitoring and testing apparatus.
  • 600m2 of Physical, biological, chemical testing rooms and the bacilli-culture rooms.
  • A well trained and highly skilled workforce.
  • A talented and dedicated R& D and engineering team.
  • An experienced management team with strong commitment to quality.

Ningbo Tianyi Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 浙ICP备11064920号-1 POWERE BY   www.300.cn Add:No.788, mozhi north road, dongqian lake tourist resort, Ningbo Service Hotline:400-184-6998 gx1085@tianyinb.com