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        • product name: Disposable blood transfusion apparatus
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        Type specification
        TS- III a、TS- III -AD、TS- III a-AD、TS-U、TS- Ua、TS- U-AD、TS- Ua-AD型。
        The main structure, performance
        This product is a disposable medical instruments, the use of phthalate (2 - ethyl ester (DEHP) plasticized medical PVC material, or by the cork puncture needle, catheter, dripping bucket, blood or blood component filters, flow regulator, injection parts (don't), outer taper joint, outer taper joint cases, infusion needle, which can take inlet parts, by ethylene oxide sterilization, sterile, no pyrogen and no hemolytic reaction product. Sealing 50 kpa, 15s, no leakage; Tensile strength: the joint can withstand the 15 n static tension, 15 s. Drop 20 drops of distilled water is equal to 1 ml dropper + / - 0.1 ml (1 g + / - 0.1 g), if with intravenous infusion needle, the specifications are as follows: 0.7 x 24 mm, 0.9 x 28 mm, 1.2 x 28 mm, 1.2 x 31 mm.
        Range of application
        The product is mainly used as a whole blood and blood component transfusion in vitro of the human body


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