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        • product name: Disposable breathing filter
        • Product number: f-001
        • Shelves time: 2016-06-22
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        Specifications are 20392, 28362, 28363, 28364, 28350, 28403, 28404, a total of seven.
        Structural composition
        Products mainly cover shell, shell, non-woven fabrics, mouth pieces, nose clip, nose clip of foam and spare parts.
        Product description
        BVF series of products including BVF respirator and silica gel respirator. BVF breathing apparatus used for auxiliary lung function, at the same time to avoid contamination of equipment in the process of testing and mutual infection between the patients. BVF respirator can share. Silicone respirator is a bit in your mouth, facilitate the patient breathing. This product is a plastic bag, not the sterilization products.
        Breathing apparatus is composed of big head, small head and filter membrane, of each assembled BVF is connected by ultrasonic welding, and through an air leak test, put each BVF into a plastic bag, and then to heat sealing.


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