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        • product name: Feeding extension tube
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        Specifications and models
        The purple version PNM-60ENEN、PNM-48ENENB、PNM-60ENENY、PNM-18ENENB、PNM-40ENENB、PNM-60EN3Y2、PNM-60ENMM、PNM-60ENMMY、PNM-40ENMMB、PNM-40ENENBY、PNM-18ENMMB 23 kinds in all.
        Structural composition
        Products are mainly composed by cases, joint, single lumen, connecting bolt, tee joint, clamp, and elevator parts.
        Product description
        The main purpose of is to increase feed liquid distance, to be able to work with the feeder and the feeding tube. Normally, extension feeding tube have a standard matriarchal gastrointestinal connector (Y type feeding extension tube has two standard connection of intestines and stomach, which can deliver two kinds liquids) at the same time able to connect to standard the paternity of intestines and stomach head match each other links, such as feeder. at the same time, extension feeding tube have a patrilineal connection joint head is called the pagoda, the pagoda joint can matriarchal gastrointestinal connectors compatible with the standard. Feeding on the extension tube has a sliding vane is used to control the flow rate. For 18 and 40, roller regulator take place the sliding vane.
        In addition, there are four kinds of extension tube with two standard joint of intestines and stomach, which are often referred to as paternal extension tube joint. These extension tube can guide maternal joint to another maternal joint.


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