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Our company passed the audit of ISO 14001 environment management system certification

Number of visits: Date:2012-09-01

According to strategic requirement that enterprise shall actively take the social responsibility with company’s development, Tianyi initiatively undertake the environment protective obligations and reduce the adverse influence for environment during production. In early 2012, the company established the guidelines and relevant plan of “conform to environment disciplines and laws, prevent and remedy pollution, energy saving and consumption reduction, continuous improvement”.

After six months of renovation, the environmental protection mechanism has been basically completed. From 27th, August to 29th, August, TUV SUD audited Tianyi according to the standard of ISO 14001 environment management system and Tianyi passed the audit and acquired the certification on October.

The company will keep “continuous improvement”, aimed of improving the ecology environment system, sustained review and perfection company environment management system.

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