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  • product name: Disposable drainage pack Model Y
  • Product number: e-002

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Specifications and models
According to Volume:it can be divided intoTY-FYD F500、TY-FYD F1000、TY-FYD F2000、TY-FYD F3000、TY-FYD F5000、TY-FYD Y500、TY-FYD Y1000、TY-FYD Y2000、TY-FYD Y3000、TY-FYD Y5000
Structural composition
This product is made from the liquid bag, tee joint, catheters, eke out small check flow clips, winged inside taper joint, sealed case assembled disposable drainage bag device
Range of application
This product is used for the clinical hospital medical waste liquid or instrument piercing waste liquid containers.

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