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  • product name: Feeding tube
  • Product number: g-005

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Specifications and models
According to the material classification, products can be divided into PU feed liquid tube, silicone feed liquid pipe, PVC feed liquid;
Tube diameter classification, products can be divided into 5.0 FR, 6.5 FR, 8.0 FR, PU, and the liquid feeding tube and have the 10 FR, 12 FR, 4.0 FR type.
According to the length of the division, products can be divided into 40 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm, and the PU liquid feeding tube have the 109 cm type.
Structural composition
The products are mainly composed by connector, single lumen, bolt and other components.
Range of application
Feed tube is to help the baby through the nose and the bowel way to obtain nutrients device.
Product description
Tube body scale is to help doctors and nurses to determine the length of the feeding tube into the body. the orange line of tube body is to let doctors and nurses to know the length of the feeding liquid tube into the body. Feeding liquid tube side holes is to ensure that the nutrients can still successfully transferred to the human body when the  hole in the end of the feed liquid pipe is under the condition of congestion,. Connectors of the caps  are used with extension tube, feeder, transmission device, buckle on cap can prevent the nutrients backflow.

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