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  • Shelves time: 2016-06-22
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Product composition
Is mainly composed of dialyser interface, draining vein, gas capture, filter, heparin tube, pump pipe and pump pipe joints, pipe clamp, sampling mouth, outside pressure joint, inner cone, cone joint, joint lock, flush joint, cases, tee joint, connectors, dialyser side joint, piercing needle puncture outfit, piercing machine, bottle caps, heating liquid bag, bag, spiral cone joint, rehydration conversion interface, dripping bucket, variable diameter joints, sensors, protector, fittings and pipes connection parts. Products by artery, vein pipe, tube, infusion heating tube, displacement adsorption connecting pipe, a pressure sensor filter channel connecting pipe and blood purification accessories according to the clinical treatment of extracorporeal circulation pattern configuration into the whole crowd.
Specifications and models
Fundamental form:TX-JB-1~13;Tailored version:TX-ZY-1~8;The attachment type:TX-FJ-1~4。
Applicable models
The company's products can be applied to Fresenius, Baxter, Beelen Kinbel Nipro Kawasumi JMC Nikkso Toray Helicopters, Belk dialysis machine manufacturers etc
1.Using the medical PVC, ABS and some other materials of good biocompatibility;
2.Pump pipe has the fatigue resistance performance quality , which can keep running  with the flow rate unchanged for 50 hours
3.Conduit has good elasticity, no distortion, no deformation;
4.Liquid channel inner wall is smooth, which can reduce blood clotting and bubbles;
5.The international standard of the Ruhr connector;
6.Having obtain the CE product certification;
7.Full Variety, strong commonality;
8.Products can be tailored according to customer requirements
Range of application
This product can be used as extracorporeal circulation of the blood passages after connecting with blood dialyzer or hemodialysis filtration apparatus or blood filtration device.