• product name: Disposable Integrated Oxygen inhalation device

Specifications and models
Products types: TY-SHP-11 / Children nasal congestion100~150
Adult nasal congestion 100~250、
TY-SHP-21 / Children nasal catheter 100~150、
TY-SHP-22 / Adult nasal catheter ~250、
TY-SHP-31 / Children face mask 100~150、
TY-SHP-32 / Adult mask 100~250 6 types in all.
Product construction
This products are all adopted  the  medical polymer materials, wetting chemical bottles, wetting bottle caps, oxygen filter (or not), oxygen input interface, wetting fluid infusion, oxygen on-off valve (check valve) interface (or not), oxygen connectors, oxygen tubes, wetting liquid (purified water), lowest water level, cases and oxygen tubes. 
Products properties 
The products should be complete, smooth, colorless, transparent, and there should be no such phenomenon as distortion, scratch, crack and bubble; when the air force is 0.2 MPa, the minimum output flow should reach 1 l/min; Oxygen tube should be able to bear the static tension of 15 N for 15 s, each joint shouldn’t have such phenomenon as loosing , falling off; the cytotoxicity of oxygen pipe should be no greater than level 1, oxygen tubes shouldn’t have the sensitization reaction, the mucosa stimulation for qualitative evaluation of oxygen pipe should be equal or less than 0.5; residue of s products’ epoxy ethane should be no more than 10 mu g/g; Oxygen tube and wetting liquid should be sterile.           
Range of application:
For the medical treatment institution oxygen uptake and wetting transport oxygen for the patients.